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75 minutes // 950,- DKK

The anti cellulite treatment is designed to eliminate or reduce cellulite over a period of continued therapy. It works by breaking down the underlying fat deposits in the areas affected by cellulite,  by strengthening the connective tissue and by increasing blood circulation using specific massage techniques of pinching and rolling. 

The areas affected by cellulite tend to be sore and sensitive, so it is common to experience some discomfort during the anti cellulite massage.


During the treatment you will feel the flexibility of the skin in the affected areas increasing and the surface of the skin becoming smoother and parts of the treatments are very relaxing and calming.

The treatment is done by hand and with certain wooden tools. To enhance the effects i use an anti-cellulite oil - a personal blend of essential oils which help increase blood flow and reduce fluid retention.


Targets stubborn fat deposits

Strengthens the connective tissue

increases blood cirkulation

Smoothes out skin 

Visible results after a period of continued therapy​

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