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1:1 Intuitive Life Guide Sessions are private sessions aimed at offering deep healing and transformation. It's the work of You entering You. It's the practice of encountering your authentic and true self.

Living in this century, juggling excessive activities, rigid schedules, outer and inner demands and expectations, requires a strong stamina. It's not easy hearing your own voice in a world that is focused on competition and certain results and standard for succes. 

The session is about removing whatever unwanted layers and beliefs that might stand in your way of being You. It's about healing. It's about re-learning and listening to the subtle currents of your own inner voice and intuition. It's about your health, your happiness, your truth, your joy and your values. It's about creating a strong foundation from within, so that you can flow with the waves of life. It's a profound experience of your own capacity, strength and self-love.


We work together on confronting limiting patterns, clearing the subconscious mind and understanding the ways of your physical body. Each 1:1 session is customized to your desired need, within an atmosphere of support and love. Whether it being coaching around your career, life purpose or how to obtain a deeper spiritual practice. This is a practise of the heart. We go deep as I help you identify your souls purpose. 

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