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1:1 Sessions

Soul Sessions are private sessions aimed at offering deep insight and transformation.

These are not sessions meant to "fix" you or your life but to help point you in the direction of realizing that you are already and always whole. We work together to confront limiting patterns, clear the subconscious mind and the subtle body, and inquire into the true nature of the self.

I pull from a vast array of healing modalities leaning heavily on Kundalini Yoga, pranayama (breathwork), pranic healing and spiritual dialogue. Each session is customized to your unique needs.

In this work, we witness the dark and the light in you. It is an act and practice of devotion to truth. This is not easy work. It is for you if you're willing to encounter what might not want to be seen. That said, it's done in a container of absolute love -- you will feel supported, safe, and cared for.


  • Feel freer + lighter energetically, mentally and physically

  • A deeper understanding of what life is calling you to, where and what in you is asking to be healed

  • A movement towards completion or healing relating to lingering or repetitive wounds

  • Integration of energy into the subtle body 

  • Tools, practices, and suggestions for you to explore on your own in relation to the subject of our talk


  • 1.25 hr via Zoom (in-person when available)

  • You will receive a prescriptive short meditation, mantra, KY practice or other "homework" to do on your own via email following your session

  • After purchasing your session, you will be contacted via email within 24 hours to schedule your call


"Moving, inspiring, and sacred experience. Thank you Jessica." - Jenny

"Thank you for your gifts of love and healing Jessica. I have met a lot of teachers during my time, wow, you are the real deal! May you be blessed as you bless others." - Susan

"Thank you for being a light to so many." - Jennifer

"You will never be the same after this experience. Feel the love and absorb the greatness of the child of the divine. Thank you." - Ketty

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