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The sessions I offer are a personal journey for you towards a body that knows how to heal itself, a mind that is calmer, a strong nervous system, a clear intuitive self and a feeling of acceptance. As your guide this is where I will lead you. I will support you as you are on your path, and be the vessel through which energy moves.


From the safe space and comfort of my many years as a practitioner, together we will bring forward the best healing tools to meet your needs and gently bring everything up to be healed by the heart. We work together on confronting limiting patterns, clearing the subconscious mind and understanding the ways of your physical body. 


Each 1:1 session is customized to your desired need, within an atmosphere of support and love. Whether it being healing, bodywork, nutritional alterations, coaching around your career, life purpose or how to obtain a deeper spiritual practice.


This is a practise of the heart. We go deep as I help you identify your souls purpose. 1:1 Intuitive Life Guide Sessions are private sessions aimed at offering deep healing and transformation. It's the work of You entering You. It's the practice of encountering your authentic and true self.

Living in this century, juggling excessive activities, rigid schedules, outer and inner demands and expectations, requires a strong stamina. It's not easy hearing your own voice in a world that is focused on competition and certain results and standard for succes. 

The session is about removing whatever unwanted layers and beliefs that might stand in your way of being You. It's about healing. It's about re-learning and listening to the subtle currents of your own inner voice and intuition. It's about your health, your happiness, your truth, your joy and your values. It's about creating a strong foundation from within, so that you can flow with the waves of life. It's a profound experience of your own capacity, strength and self-love.

Are private and highly personal and authentic sessions aimed at offering deep physical healing and transformation. We work on your conditions whether it's weight loss/gain, an illness, hormonal imbalance, infertility, allergies or lack of energy. The goal is understanding how your body works and how it's reacting and handling your earlier and current lifestyle. 

I truly belief that you can trust your bodys capability and therefore should not get in it's way - meaning that I promote a diet of foods that are as close to their original form as possible. It's also key to cultivate a happy relationship with food and nutrition. I belive that your body actually listens to what you are telling it and act accordingly. 

I use an holistic approach to healing which implies a focus on both body and mind.We focus deeply on what health looks like to you. What are your main goals. What is truly important and how can you get there. You'll leave with a vast plan for optimizing your health and how to realize your goals. We work on long term results and proper changes that is in balance with your inner truth.



In my experience Health and Healing can happen one many levels. You can work on a physical issue like pain using a lot of bodywork, massage and medicin without addressing the root cause or the energetic issue and therefor having to deal with one or more symptoms extendedly. By going deep, in a gentle, curious and loving way, you can get to know yourself on a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual level. 

Emotions and symptoms is the body's way of communicating with you. Whatever problem, symptom or issue you are dealing with, the treatment/work is the same. We consider the WHOLE you. Trough an in depth conversation we begin the work of connecting your mind, body and spirit using nutrition, herbs, intuitive guidance, bodywork, breathing exercises and healing techniques. 

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