These sessions are private sessions aimed at offering deep physical, emotional and spiritual transformation. This is obtained by going deep but gentle, using breath work techniques, healing, energy release therapeutics, acupressure, meridian work and guided meditations. We are working on a cellular as well as subtle body levels. 

 - It's a powerful movement towards energetically, mentally, emotionally and physically healing.

 - You are learning to love yourself at the core.

 - The feeling of a freer and lighter version of YOU.


 - Obtaining a deeper understanding about the way you move through life.


 - Getting final closure with lingering or repetitive wounds.


- Letting go of the past and focusing on the now. 


 - Tools for you to explore and maintain - such as getting in deeper contact with your intuition, identifying your core values, learning how to breathe deep and how to meditate.



These sessions are deeply personal and arranged accordingly. The initial consultation will determine the specific integration of healing modalities. Through both conversations, movement and/or stillness each session is aimed at offering deep physical, emotional and spiritual transformation. Together we go deep, but gentle, using healing, breath work, stress release therapeutics, acupressure, meridian and energy work,  and guided meditations.