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90 minutes // 1450,- DKK

This transformative treatment is for you who are dealing with any jaw (TMJ) issues, face and/or neck tension and pain, teeth grinding, migraine, tension headache, eye strain, sinus pressure aso.


The specialized 90 minute massage session works wonders as a healing progress as it deeply releases tension and toxins and reduce inflammation. 

The treatment consists of a 30 minutes back and neck massage, followed by a 60 minutes chest, face, ear, scalp and buccal massage. 

I work intuitively, sensing into your body, feeling where energy is blocked and where you are holding tension, making it a powerful physical, emotional and energetic release. 



This specialized massage session is highly personal and tailormade to meet your exact needs. Even though focus is on releasing tension, a lovely bonus is the facial glow effect. When we release the tension, the muscle will relax and lines and wrinkles will too. 

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