"My work is always focused on the whole of a person - the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. My sessions are a personal journey

for my clients towards higher consciousness, growth, healing and self love."


BLESSYOU is about You. The authentic You. Who you are at the core. It's about removing whatever unwanted layers and beliefs that might stand in your way of being You. It's about healing. It's about re-learning and listening to the subtle currents of your own inner voice and intuition. It's about your health, your happiness, your truth, your joy and your values. It's about creating a strong foundation from within, so that you can flow with the waves of life. It's a profound experience of your own capacity, strength and self-love. 


Intuitive Life Guidance

To learn how to navigate life on planet Earth you have to know where you are going, understand the universal energies, understand the human mechanisms and learn to listen to the subtle voice from within and acknowledge your inner truth.

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Guidance and Plan

Living in this century, juggling excessive activities, rigid schedules, outer and inner demands and expectations, requires a strong stamina, a high energy level and a good health. Stressful living depletes your reservoirs and imbalances your body.


Private Kundalini Yoga Lessons

In order to be an integrated being, you must aim to live a life that merges outer words and actions with innermost values. Kundalini Yoga dissolves the energy blocks, releases stagnated energy and provides a silence that allow you to hear your inner spirit voice.