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GRY EMILY THELANDER is a holistic health and nutrition guide, body therapist, energy healer and kundalini yoga teacher. She has an extensive background in health and healing, which she has studied for more than two decades.


Her greatest desire is to offer her clients the opportunity to work deep but gentle on both the physical and spiritual level. Guided by strong intuition, Gry Emily's treatments and sessions offers guidance towards self mastery, healing, vibrancy, joy, physical glow and good health. She does so with authenticity and integrity, creating a nurturing environment for her clients to experience their own capacity, strength and self-love.


Gry created Bless You for the NATURAL woman seeking Holistic Health, Beauty and Healing Treatments.

Bless You is a space for both men and women to be healed and nurtured. All treatments are done with intention using only organic skin care products, the cleanest oils and homegrown herbs. With the integration of grounding and intentional rituals in every treatment, you will experience a calmer nervous system and a reconnecting with your natural relaxed and vibrant state of being.


Certified Instructor of Kundalini Yoga (Kundalini Research Institute New Mexico, USA in 2019).

Certified Hatha, Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher, RYS 200 (Yoga Alliance, trained under Quaternity Yoga in 2018).


Clinical Dietitian in 2010 (BA in Health & Nutrition). 

Certified Health & business coach in 2008 (Sofia Manning, ACTP).

Courses in Herbal and nutritional therapy as well as Energy Healing Modalities. 


Facial reflexology therapist.

Body Therapist and Reflex Zone Therapist since early 2000 (Naturmedicinsk Kursuscenter).

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