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I felt called to the facial sculpting treatment, primarily to work with tension in my face in the hope of releasing old emotions that I felt were resurfacing. Already when I arrived, I immediately understood why I so clearly felt the call to exactly this treatment. This is such a special place. A meditative room, a sacred space, encapsulated by Gry's gentle and loving energy. A combination of many different caring and effective movements and stretches inside and outside of the face, supported by natural products and tools. In the many aspects of the treatment I felt lifted by all elements. I felt taken care of, while I was also taking care of myself. It felt like a sacred gift to myself. The treatment also gave me answers to what it is that is in process with me, both during the treatment, but also afterwards. For me a very important part of my healing journey; to be able to work with the unconscious accumulated things in the body. I left feeling incredibly lifted - not just in my face, but in my entire energy field. Every soul deserves Gry's loving and very in-depth treatment, and personally, I look very much forward to coming back.


 - Emma P. 



Emily, you have the magic touch. The facial massage was probably one of the best treats I’ve gotten myself this year. I felt so relaxed, so taken care of - pure bliss! I think I forgot how much tension the face can hold. I cannot tell you how good I felt leaving after, almost like a brand new person. And you created such a beautiful space. Thank you! 


 - Magdalena



Thank you @emilythelander for opening the doors to your gorgeous temple, opening the doors of my inner temple as well.


 - Ramona

I have received a 90-minute facial sculpting treatment by Emily with a focus releasing tensions in the jaw area. The headline of the treatment is that it felt like a long, warm, loving and nurturing hug. Before I laid down on the warm bed and Emily began the treatment, she asked me a few questions, which made me feel very welcome and seen. The treatment itself involved sculpting massage of the jaw area, chest, neck, throat, ears, eyes and top of the head. Emily worked very intuitively and gave the areas with the most tension most care. After the treatment, I had time to slowly get back to the real world and while I sipped on some herbal tea, Emily recommended some supplements based on the talk we had had prior to the treatment and what she had felt my body needed during the treatment. Emily is very intuitive, warm, loving and highly skilled in her field which means you can trust that you will receive the treatment your body needs. I highly recommend visiting Emily whether you just want to spoil yourself with some self-care or you have specific tensions you need help with releasing.


 - Anne Kathrine P. 



Fantastisk behandling. Søgte et sted hvor der var 100% fokus på mig og mine behov, og det fik jeg her. Det var en skøn, dybdegående og beroligende behandling. Dertil en skøn samtale om mig og hvad jeg skal gøre for mig selv i fremtiden rent følelsesmæssig. Det var en virkelig givende oplevelse. Stort anbefaling her fra!


 - Maria



Everything is so beautiful and intentional I could cry. Handmade ceramics and herbs (oils and infusions) from Gry Emily’s own garden. 


 - Amanda



Getting treatments from this talented, experienced, loving miracle worker, has been one of the purest acts of self love, I have allowed myself in a very long time.


 - Emilie Rose



I had a Facial Sculpting Treatment this morning with the INCREDIBLE @emilythelander and it was the most incredible way to exit Venus retrograde…Woah. If you find yourself in Copenhagen I cannot recommend anything more. 


 - Emmie Rae



Hey, I wanted to thank you again for yesterday, I felt so held and taken care of, and your energy brings something so special to the treatment. It felt great and my skin is as soft as a baby today. I am so inspired by you and your work. Thank you so so much.


 - Clara C.



Had the pleasure of visiting this beautiful soul and her space today. It was nothing like regular facial therapy, and I haven’t tried anything like it before. Highly Recommend. 


 - Nanna



Sometimes a facial is a facial and other times it’s a cellular light activation. Today was the latter, started my week with a treatment by my heart @emilythelander - came with a tired face and left feeling so relaxed I felt Hugh and giggly. My spine, neck and skull had a beautiful realignment that allowed new light codes to integrate. @emilythelander tunes into my body/mind/spirit before every session and custom the treatment to my need. 


 - Amanda



This Treatment felt like 60 minutes underwater softly plunged in warmth and relaxation. A deep explration of the internal cosmos. The inner waves. 


 - Ramona


Today I got more than a facial treatment. It’s just a magical session with gifted healing hands of @emilythelander. It was 90 minutes of something very important for me, my skin and my soul. Not only that my face is glowing whole day, there is also some process inside going.


 - Yulianna



Idag var mit første møde med dig kære Gry @emilythelander. Så ren en energi og dyb forståelse! Du fik mig til at lande fuldstændig i min krop og mine arme gav mig lov til at mærke tungheden og de spurgte mig, er du klar til at give slip? JA!


 - Mia 



The most grounding and restorative treatment I’ve ever had. Thank you @emilythelander for re-calibrating me with your light. Highly recommend her if you’re looking for a mind/body recharge.


 - Isabella



I feel so grateful to be in healing hands @emilythelander. I feel so grounded and nurtured. So much more than a facial, the scientific and holistic approach is unique and very much needed.


 - Prudence

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